What is Red MISEAL?

Red MISEAL is a part of the measures put into effect by the project MISEAL (Measures for Social Inclusion and Equity in Institutions of Higher Education in Latin America), which is financed by the European Union through its Alfa III Cooperation Program. The purpose of Red MISEAL is to promote the exchange of information and cooperation within scientific communities and to help create and consolidate links between institutions of higher education, mainly in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe.

Red MISEAL is a platform for contact and exchange between experts, in Latin America and other regions of the world, who work on topics concerning social inclusion and equity, especially in the realm of higher education institutions, as either lecturers or researchers or as administrative staff working for the implementation and management of public policies and projects.

Ultimately, Red MISEAL is an academic social network serving many different functions for users, such as contacting experts and other active members within the scientific community or creating groups for research and exchange about topics, theories and/or methods dealing with social inclusion and equity, especially in Latin America. You can also promote and share your own publications and works, and, among other things, create events.

Contact us: contacto@redmiseal.net